Forum Upgrades: IPS 4.4.0

The forums have been sucessfully upgraded to the newly available IPS 4.4 branch. There are an awful lot of changes,

The Great File Cleanup 2018

Evening all! I'm sure we've all come across a file that we really wanted to download, but found that we

Crowdfunding; The New Set of Goals

Afternoon all! Back in March this year, the staff had a few conversations regarding the Donation Goals we periodically created

Policy Updates

Afternoon all! As part of the on-going GDPR changes on our forums, a new set of pages have been created

All of the updates!

Time for some good news! The impromptu forum maintenance earlier this evening allowed me to upgrade our forum version to

Disputes, Paypal and Why we can't have nice things

This morning started as any other day, I wake up, I check my personal emails, I eat breakfast, I check

Forum App: Moods

Hey guys! I know you've all seen the widget on the forum index for the last few weeks so I

New Forum "Dark" Theme

Since the update yesterday, it's become more and more obvious that the new and additional white areas are.. a little